Children's playground in a residential area with a gray rubber floor, surrounded by green trees

SRP - your strong partner for certified fall protection slabs, design elements and playground equipment

We have been selling elastic products for indoor and outdoor use for over 25 years under the motto “Safety through Quality”. Due to product quality, value for money, punctual delivery, scope of advice and reliability, the trust of a global customer base has been earned, and thanks to the extensive product range of certified fall protection slabs and design elements, playground equipment, wear-resistant rubber mats, frost-resistant balcony slabs, etc., SRP-Shop is the ideal platform for Planners, engineers, architects, builders, gala construction, municipalities, development associations, building materials dealers, cruise ships, amusement parks, etc.
Large play area with colorful plates and games
Rubber cubes in blue, green and red in the sandpit
Playground with a green car on which many children are sitting

Safe & certified:

A ladder on the play tower, a handle next to it ... and bang. The little man is lying on his nose ... but this time there is no bleeding knee or worse! Because Leon lands softly on a fall protection mat!

The fall protection mats from the SRP shop are ideal "guardian angels" for kindergartens, elementary schools, day groups and for all other commercial or public playground designers. The SRP Shop Fall Protection has been thoroughly tested and certified (!) Safe! Depending on the "fall space", you choose the right strength. The right color according to your wishes.
Safe & modern:

“It's a good feeling when the children can run around safely as they please,” thinks Ms. Hermann, head of the penguin group. After all, the “forests of yesteryear” are the playgrounds of today. And children need this space.

But it doesn't stop with the simple securing of surfaces. The SRP shop also offers suitable protection solutions for corners and edges. And also seating elements, for example cubes made of EPDM, on which Ms. Hermann can sit comfortably.
Safe & well thought out:

Tatütata, who's coming? The guys from the Pinguin group are the first to work on the new fire engine ... No wonder! The play equipment ideas from the SRP shop are not only high quality and safe, they also make children's hearts beat faster.

In the SRP shop for customers from trade and the public sector you will find playground equipment and systems from XS to XXL: seesaws, sandboxes, balancing equipment, play towers, rotating devices, slides, swings, trampolines and much more.

Many good reasons for SRP-Shop

It should be the right product!
The range of possible playground floors can seem confusing if you want to renovate an existing playground or if you want to establish a completely new playground. Which fall protection fits best into the overall concept? Which fall protection slabs best meet the legal requirements of EN standard 1176/1177? Which panel thickness do you need for certain drop heights? And how do design elements create a safe children's playground? So that you feel safe and well advised right from the start, we not only offer you a large selection of safe products, but also offer you competent advice based on our many years of experience.

Of course, tested products!
Did you know that in 1997 we were the first and only company to have special fall protection certificates such as "Non-toxic according to EN 71 Part 3 (safety of toys), LMBG B.82.10-1 (Food Requirements Amendment Act, saliva resistance), EN 597 Part 1 (Evaluation of flammability) and ASTM F (American test standard)! In our eyes, the safety of fall protection plays a very central role, and that is why our products are constantly in accordance with. EN 1176 and EN 1177 tested. Continuous quality controls guarantee product safety and ensure no negative consequences for people, animals or the environment. You can find more interesting information in the About Us section!

The perfect material for the products!
... it should be pliable and flexible, permanently elastic, stretchable, permeable to water and malleable. Can be adjusted to all possible requirements such as low wear, resistance or longevity, and last but not least, the material should also be flexible, insulating and of course harmless to health. All of these requirements are only met by rubber - which is why all our fall protection products are also made from rubber granulate. Due to their excellent properties, our products have proven themselves over decades in all areas of application. Excellent usage properties and environmental compatibility lead to convincing results and thus to economic benefits for our customers. Take a look at our references!

Products for a wide range of uses!
Different areas of application require a diverse range of products. SRP-Shop relies on an extensive range of fall protection products and design elements for public playgrounds, kindergartens and schools. But also in the area of ​​sport and fitness, we offer colored, high-quality sports floors in fire-retardant design and tested surfaces that are free of heavy metals. For horse lovers and horse stables, we offer an extensive range of elastic floor coverings, wall elements and riding arena systems in our floor and stable section. With our online shop we want to present our product range to you in more detail and are convinced that we can offer you the best possible variety of products.