Fallschutzplatten Ratgeber


Fall protection plates for playgrounds

The Protection against serious injuries is of crucial importance, especially in children's playgrounds. SRP fall protection tiles ensure excellent impact protection and maximum safety on public playgrounds. These playground mats are certified according to EN 1176 / 1177 and tested according to EN 71 Part 3. Regardless of the weather and temperature, they offer undisturbed and safe playing pleasure for many years.

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The advantages of synthetic fall protection (playground surfaces made of rubber granules)

Playground tiles from SRP provide the greatest possible protection against injuries. Cover thicknesses and their elasticity are specially tailored to the respective requirements. Depending on the maximum fall height, the playground floors can be selected in a certain thickness. The energy of an impact is thereby dampened and the force is reduced in a targeted manner. Continuous quality controls guarantee for product safety and ensure no negative consequences for people, animals and the environment.

The playground mats made of unmixed rubber granules are laid flat. Homogeneous surfaces are created that have both point and surface elastic properties. The rubber mats are extremely hard-wearing, non-slip, insensitive to the effects of the weather and fully permeable to water. The long-lasting, consistent cushioning properties ensure safe use for many years.

Shock-absorbing fall protection floors are laid on municipal playgrounds under playground equipment, sports equipment and climbing facilities and form a fall protection surface that is stable in the overall construction and that is not “played away” such as natural fall protection materials such as sand, gravel or bark. Conventional follow-up costs for replacing, refilling or cleaning, as with sand, gravel or bark mulch or wood chips, are completely eliminated.

Resilient fall protection rubber mats make good business sense and are valued as a long-term investment. They offer hardly any surface for vandalism, the care and maintenance costs are extremely low and the hygiene properties are impeccable.


EN 1177:2018 certified fall heights for safe fall protection areas

Accident prevention and injury prevention have top priority, especially in playgrounds. Children are sometimes very unpredictable and cannot correctly assess all dangers. Some tears can be avoided with fall and shock-resistant underlays (fall protection) and a safe and child-friendly environment is created by different fall heights. SRP offers a very large range of fall protection panels in various formats, many colors and certified fall heights from 1.00 meters to 3.00 meters.

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The many areas of application of SRP fall protection plates

Permanently elastic fall protection floors are mainly used in games, sports – and leisure use. In a children's playground, the springy playground mats with system plugs are installed under play structures, play towers or climbing equipment to absorb fall. Synthetic fall protection is also used safely under swings or at the end of slides, as it cannot be displaced like sand, gravel or bark.

The individual 30 to 40 mm thick fall protection plates laid 50x50 cm on a solid surface (e.g. concrete). This fall protection surface is for fall heights of up to 1.50 m